World   Sport   Shito   Ryu Federation   (the “WSSHRF”) is an international Karate non-governmental, non-profit organization composed of autonomous   and  independent   international   Karate Federations,  Groups  and individual persons who practice different branches or schools within the Shito Ryu Karate style.

The mission of the WSSHRF is to provide Karate practitioners from all the schools and branches of the Shito Ryu Karate style from all around the world to train and present their skills in International competitions in sport (Kumite) and traditional forms (Kata).

The objectives of the WSSHRF are the following:

  1. to promote,   expand   and   improve   the   practice   of the  Shito Ryu Karate style, respectively its educational, cultural and sports values all around the World (the “Karate movement”);
  2. to promote   fair   play,   youth   development,   and    education;
  3. to encourage   peace   and   cooperation   through  participation in sport;
  4. to draw   up   technical   rules   regulating   Kumite and Kata competitions;
  5. to engage  in  other  activities  in  support  of the objectives above.



Mr. Peter Baďura – President

M.R.Štefánika 47, 940 02, Nové Zámky, SLOVAKIA


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